Why choose Puredental for your Invisalign treatment

When you choose Puredental, you’re assigning an expert provider of Invisalign to set up and monitor your treatment. For additional piece of mind, as a patient you can contact us at any stage during your treatment with any questions whatsoever. Our Invisalign clinics are situated in 43 Allerton Road and 56 Rodney Street Liverpool, both key locations […] Read more »

Why choose Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign have worked with teens, parents and leading orthodontists to create a plan that takes activities and unique needs of various teens. The same technology is used to make adult Invisalign aligners as Teen Invisalign aligners, gradually moving teeth into position without metal wires or brackets. There are a few special features to allow teens […] Read more »

What options are available for teens?

There are several Invisalign options for a teen to choose from depending on the stage of their teeth development. Some may even be able to have the same treatment as adults. Younger teens, and those who have yet to get all their adult teeth can use a specifically designed course of aligners made for teenagers. […] Read more »